Mike Vinci

Founder & President

In 2012, when he was 19 years old, Mike’s father passed away after a long struggle with cancer and left him the family business, Guilio Vinci Contractors. His father’s legacy was one of excellence in his craft and unmovable faith. In his last years on earth, he not only taught Mike the skills of carpentry and building, but also the importance of doing for others. Out of these core beliefs, the dream and mission of 127 Project was born. Mike works both on and off site on each project the team takes on to ensure that those who need help are getting it.

Megan Laughlin

Vice President

Meg has always wanted to connect what she does in the design field to helping those in need. She is able to use her expertise as an interior designer to assist in managing renovation projects for our recipients. Meg studied at Kean University, and has worked in the design field for 3 ½ years. She has assisted on projects both local and international, including renovating St. Barnabas Hospital in Livingston, NJ, and designing luxury apartments in Russia for Ralph Lauren.

Mike Rosa


Growing up in the church, Mike encountered a lot of people who were struggling, and through that, developed a desire to bring them relief. 127 Project has given him an avenue to use his experience to help those in need. Mike graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business finance in 2017, and has worked in sales for 3 years. As treasurer of 127 Project, Mike handles budgeting, donations and financial matters.

Deanna Rosa


Deanna graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and journalism in 2017, and has since worked in digital marketing and communications at her local church. She is passionate about doing for others and working with the vision of 127 Project. As secretary, she assists the team in the area of communications and handles the web and graphic design for marketing efforts.